Coworking Space

Elevate Your Work Experience in Our Dynamic Coworking Space - Ideal for Digital Nomads!

Hot Desk

Hot Desk

15.00 EUR/day

Bedndesk offers a flexible workspace with open seating. Desks are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Meeting Room and Printing Facilities
  • Living Room and Shared Bathroom
Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

20.00 EUR/day

For a personalized work environment, secure your own dedicated desk space, available for your exclusive use.

  • All Hot desk features included
  • Additional screen on demand
Premium Desk

Premium Desk

25.00 EUR/day

A larger desk that allows you varying your work posture throughout the day can help you feel better and more productive.

  • All Dedicated desk features included
  • Large Height-Adjustable Desk
  • Ergonomic Chair
Coworking Space Remote Work

Elevate Your Workday in Our Dynamic Coworking Space

Explore a hub of productivity and tranquility at Bedndesk's coworking spaces, crafted for today’s digital nomad, entrepreneur, and remote professional. Nestled in the inspiring landscape of Mallorca, our workspaces merge efficiency with creativity, offering not just a desk, but a serene community where ideas can gently flourish.

Equipped with high-speed internet, ergonomic seating, and contemporary amenities, our coworking area enhances your productivity in a calm setting. Our shared areas and meeting rooms are perfect for low-key brainstorming, casual networking, or quiet relaxation. To complement your professional needs, consider our coliving spaces for a complete work-life balance in Mallorca.

At Bedndesk, every day is an opportunity to engage, innovate, and collaborate at your own pace in a workspace tailored to the lifestyle of a digital nomad. Interested in combining your stay with our unique coliving facilities? Learn more and secure your spot today!

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