A New Chapter in Work-Life Synergy

Embrace the Bedndesk Lifestyle

In the heart of Mallorca, where the adventure of Adrienne and Juanse began, lies Bedndesk—a haven they discovered as digital nomads and later embraced as their own. Their story at Bedndesk is one of serendipity and destiny intertwined, starting from a chance meeting within its walls that blossomed into a shared journey around the world, and eventually leading them back to take the helm of the place where it all started.

Adrienne and Juanse at Bedndesk

Bringing together Adrienne’s globetrotting insights and Juanse’s technological savvy, they have reimagined Bedndesk as a sanctuary for those who live and work without borders. Adrienne, with her rich tapestry of experiences from over 50 countries, infuses Bedndesk with the warmth of community and the ease of global travel. Juanse, leveraging his deep roots in Mallorca and a forward-thinking approach to tech, ensures that Bedndesk remains a beacon of innovation for digital nomads.

Their unique blend of perspectives has transformed Bedndesk into a community where inspiration flows as freely as the conversations, and productivity is matched by relaxation. It’s a place defined by the deep connections formed over shared experiences, whether coding with the backdrop of waves, ideating under palm trees, or exploring the richness of Mallorca's culture.

Now at the forefront of Bedndesk, Adrienne and Juanse channel their adventures, learnings, and the essence of nomadic living into creating an environment that offers more than just a place to stay and work. It's a community where every digital nomad can find support, inspiration, and above all, a sense of belonging.

Join us at Bedndesk, where your work-life balance is harmonized with the rhythm of island life, and every day presents a new opportunity to explore, create, and connect. Let your journey begin here, amidst the beauty of Mallorca, in a place made by nomads, for nomads. Your adventure awaits.