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At Bedndesk, we offer a unique coliving experience in the quaint setting of Mallorca, just one block from the serene beach. Designed with digital nomads, remote workers, and location-independent professionals in mind, our spaces balance personal privacy with community engagement. Choose from shared or private rooms, all located a short walk from the tranquil shores, in a laid-back environment that fosters both independence and occasional collaboration.

Our modern coliving facilities focus on simplicity and functionality, ideal for those who appreciate a quieter lifestyle beside the sea. Bedndesk is not about constant activity; it's a mini coliving hub where you can immerse yourself in your work, relax by the beach, and occasionally connect with fellow residents. Enjoy the flexibility of communal living spaces designed for a small community that values peace and creativity. At Bedndesk, the beach is your backyard, enhancing your lifestyle with its calm presence, making every day both productive and restorative.

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Discover the blend of innovation and tranquility at Bedndesk's coworking space in Mallorca. Specially designed for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals, our coworking environment promotes productivity and creativity in a serene setting.

Our spaces are equipped with high-speed internet, ergonomic workstations, and inspiring decor, creating more than just a place to work—they form a quiet hub of inspiration and mild networking. Tucked away in the beautiful landscape of Mallorca, you can achieve the perfect balance between focused work and leisurely breaks, exploring the local culture and natural scenery at your own pace. Join our cozy community of global coworkers and experience the essence of a relaxed, productive retreat.

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