Staying Healthy on the Go: A Digital Nomad’s Guide

March 11, 2024

Digital nomad enjoying a healthy lifestyle with a beach yoga session, with coliving spaces in the background.

In the ever-evolving world of digital nomadism, the allure of exotic destinations, the freedom of remote work, and the thrill of new cultures beckon many. Yet, amidst this adventurous lifestyle, a crucial element often gets overlooked: maintaining health and wellness on the road. For digital nomads, being healthy isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s about sustaining the energy and mental clarity needed to work effectively and enjoy the experiences that come with global exploration. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into strategies for staying healthy and active as a digital nomad, ensuring you can thrive in your travels and work.

Embracing Local Activities for Physical Wellness

A significant advantage of the digital nomad lifestyle is the opportunity to immerse yourself in various cultures and environments. Every destination has its unique activities that can help you stay active. Whether it’s paddleboarding in the clear waters of Mallorca, joining a local hiking group to explore the natural landscapes, or participating in community sports, these activities not only keep you fit but also enrich your travel experience. Embracing local activities allows you to explore your surroundings in an engaging way, making exercise an adventure in itself.

The Importance of Routine in a Nomadic Life

The freedom of nomadic life comes with its challenges, one of which is the lack of a consistent routine. Establishing a routine, however, can be incredibly beneficial for your health. A structured day with designated times for work, exercise, social activities, and rest can help maintain a sense of normalcy and balance. This doesn't mean you can't be flexible—after all, flexibility is a cornerstone of nomadic living—but having a basic framework for your day can help ensure you don't neglect your health.

Nutrition on the Go: Balancing Indulgence with Health

Traveling offers the temptation of local cuisines and culinary indulgences, making it easy to stray from a balanced diet. However, maintaining nutritional health is not only possible but also an opportunity to explore local produce and dishes. Opt for meals that include fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains. Cooking for yourself when possible not only gives you control over your diet but also can be a meditative and enjoyable aspect of your daily routine. Moreover, balance is key; allowing yourself to enjoy local delicacies in moderation can make maintaining a healthy diet more sustainable and enjoyable.

The Role of Coliving Spaces in a Healthy Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Coliving spaces, like Bedndesk in Mallorca, offer the perfect blend of comfort, community, and convenience for digital nomads. Just a block away from the beach, Bedndesk provides not only a vibrant coworking environment but also encourages a healthy lifestyle among its residents. With amenities geared towards health and wellness, it's easier to maintain a balanced lifestyle while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow nomads. Discover your ideal coliving and coworking space a block away from the beach today and take the first step towards a healthier nomadic life.

Hydration and Health: Simple Yet Essential

One of the simplest yet most crucial aspects of staying healthy is staying hydrated. The hustle of travel and work can sometimes make it easy to forget to drink water, especially when exploring new climates or busy in work marathons. Carrying a reusable water bottle ensures you can stay hydrated throughout the day, benefiting your overall health and the environment.

Exercise: Finding What Works for You

Exercise is vital for both physical and mental health, and there are endless ways to incorporate it into your nomadic lifestyle. From workouts in your coliving space's fitness area to joining local fitness classes or even online workout programs, find what exercise routine works best for you and stick to it. The key is consistency and finding joy in the activity you choose, be it yoga, weightlifting, running, or dancing.

Mental Health: Staying Connected and Grounded

The digital nomad lifestyle can sometimes feel lonely or overwhelming. It's important to prioritize mental health by staying connected with loved ones, engaging with the nomad and local communities, and seeking support when needed. Practices like mindfulness, meditation, and journaling can also help you stay grounded and cope with the stresses of nomadic life.

Sleep: The Foundation of Health

Good quality sleep is foundational to good health. Despite the excitement of being in new places, ensure you have a comfortable, quiet sleeping environment and try to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Sleep impacts all areas of health, from cognitive function and emotional balance to physical health and immune function.

Preparing for Health: Insurance and Medical Care

Before embarking on your nomadic journey, research and secure comprehensive health insurance that covers international travel and the countries you plan to visit. Knowing you have access to quality medical care wherever you are in the world provides peace of mind and security, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travels and work.


Staying healthy and active as a digital nomad is about making conscious choices that benefit your physical and mental well-being. By embracing local activities, maintaining a balanced routine, eating well, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, prioritizing mental health, ensuring quality sleep, and preparing for medical needs, you can sustain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the freedom and adventures of nomadic living. Remember, health is not just a goal but a journey, enhancing every aspect of your digital nomad experience.