Tobias Richter CEO & Founder at Styling Coach made in BERLIN will be staying with us. Tobias will work on its new project FM Make up: It is a startup to make available professional make up tools in one website. He is from the east part of Germany and moved to Berlin a couple of years ago. Now he is living between Munich and Berlin.

Why did you choose Mallorca?

It was a big dream to go a place where every day is sunny. As I kid I did not have much money and always dream of travelling and meeting new places. It is good to meet new people and work together to make a better live.

I am mostly working in Munich and Berlin. Mallorca is 2,30 fly from both cities . It has day by day flights all around Europe (by the way, the air here is perfect for my allergy, so clean. I guess if because of the sea).

Why bedndesk?

The first time I saw bedndesk, I was searching cool places in Mallorca to expend my holidays. I saw it on airbnb, read the text and thought…

This is cool I have a bed? A desk? Good internet connection? It is by the beach? It is everything that I need. It is the best start for my new life style.

After one day, here in Mallorca, I realized the gym is one minute from here, the supermarket is 30 seconds. I feel like leaving in a dream but it is real.

But the most important and cool thing is to find open minded people and see that all together we can build more.

It is perfect for my new #workandlifebalance. Now it’s 7.p.m. and we must finish work and go to the beach. See you all in Mallorca!