Spring time is the secret of Mallorca the less touristic months and the best time for cycling or hiking around the island. For locals the sea water is too cold but we only swim in August 🙂 probably in April for you is more summery than at home.




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Here you can see information about weather for each month of spring. Is the only time you can see the almond trees with its flowers.


Almonds trees get ready for spring and start to show its flowers. The days are ideals for hiking or outdoors activities. It can get chilly at night with maximum temperatures of 15-18º during the day.


It is the windy month, perfect for kite and also you can see one of the International sailing olympics events at the beach next to bedndesk. The hole town get merge with dingy sailors. The temperatures start increasing with means of 17-19 ºC. The warm weather starts to settle in the island.


Spring is totally here with mean temperatures of 19º- 21º, perfect conditions for outdoor activities and to start enjoying the water sports. The days get longer with the daylight saving moving the clock one hour ahead.


For most of the people the best month, clear blue sky, hot sun and a mean temperature of 22ºC. The islands start to get ready for the tourists to come, still quite but everything is open to enjoy the water sports.


Month MAX temp ºC MIN temp ºC Sea temp ºC Daylight hours Rainy days
February 15 5 13,3 5,8 7,1
March 18 6 13,3 6,5 7,6
April 20 8 14,4 7,6 5,9
May 24 11 16,7 9,5 4,8


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