Samantha Wolf is staying with us some time while she is writing her master thesis about coworking and travelling. She needs your help filling in her questionnaire about people who combine coworking and vacation.
Your support will be rewarded not only with a guaranteed extra portion of good karma but also with the chance to win a week at bedndesk.

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Samantha studies Management, Organisation and Culture at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland and has chosen to make the people that combine travelling and coworking the topic of her master thesis.

The questionnaire is made for anyone who has recently combined a holiday, quick break or travels with some work and used a Coworking Space or a similar service to do so. By filling in the survey you will help Sam to learn more about who does this, why people do it and what they actually do.

Please fill in the questionaire


What do you think about Mallorca as a workation place?

This is my first time in Mallorca and I am very positively surprised. Mallorca has a lot more to offer than its “Ballermann-party-image” would suggest! In fact – it has got it all. Thanks to the good infrastructure everything is easy and quick to reach, so there are loads of opportunities for short and long breaks: go for a quick swim and a run along the beach, have a day in the mountains or explore the beautiful city of Palma for an afternoon.


How is your stay at bedndesk so far?

I have a comfy bed, a good desk and fast internet, it takes me less than a minute to get to the beach and 20 seconds to the local supermarket and I am living with Matias who has grown up here and knows all the good places to go for food and drinks – safe to say, so far, it has been great.

When are you coming back to bedndesk?

Who says I am leaving? 🙂