Climb mallorca starting from the coworking coliving space bedndesk. Mallorca has for a long time been one of Europe’s premier world class Psicoblock (psycho bouldering) and rock climbing destination. The mediterranean island offers different types and styles of the rock climbing. Starting from slabby walls, evil overhangs, juggy tuffas, roofs, and cracks, with excellent routes of all grades.  

The starting was in a big part by Miquel Riera. He was born in Palma 1963. Miquel is a  Deep Water SoloingHe started practicing this sport in late 1970s. He’s widely credited for developing the sport into what it has become today.

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** Miquel Riera

Since then many international climbers came to Mallorca. Chris Sharma, Toni Lamprecht, Tim Emmett and many others. They are attracted for the unique characteristics of the island to practice the sport. It combines hundreds of rock routes with a calm and warm sea next to it.

The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO as an area of great physical and cultural significance.

The island fame spread even more in 2006 with the climb of Chris Sharma of the ‘9b’ difficulty “Es Pontas arch”. It is probably the hardest Deep Water Solo in the world.

Toni Lamprecht, Deep Water Soloing, Mallorca

Toni Lamprecht, Deep Water Soloing, Mallorca

Miquel discovered and started in the 70s what today is attracting new climbers from all over the world, if you like to climb, come, discover and enjoy what Mallorca has to offer.

When to come

The ideal time to visit Mallorca for practicing this sport is in low season. You will find a quiet island, and pleasant mild weather. Many climbers have had excellent trips over the Christmas and New Year period. 


Outside the main tourist season there are many cheap flights from Europe to Palma International Airport, with lots of low-cost flights.

Getting around

 Mallorca is a little island with good road network, which means it is possible to visit many different rock climbing areas from anywhere. Public transport is limited. Therefore the best way is to rent  a car to visit the majority of the crags, as many of these are in remote locations.


What you need

At bedndesk we will set up your house, your office and a good community of entrepreneurs soy you can focus on climbing. Anything else you need as climbing equipment check the smart lad blog. I am sure you will find everything you need.