We are pleased to welcome IN THE SEA PRODUCTIONS to bnd marineta’s co-working.

Its director Chuchie Hill from Los Angeles in here until end of May to direct and produce a documentary about sailing/ the princesa sofia championship.

IN THE SEA productions is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation launched during the summer of 2010, as an environmental film Production Company committed to helping preserve Oceans, coastlines and it’s marine environment through film.

At IN THE SEA productions, we believe through film and video, we can reach a wider audience and transmit the message to greater communities, beginning with those who are already likeminded and share a pre-established interest in water sports.

The purpose is to address the importance of the preservation of the Ocean, and educate those unfamiliar with the subject, providing the information necessary for everyone to participate individually on a positive change. Whilst we continue our support to local surfing schools to promote surfing as an environmentally conscious sport, promote beach clean ups, and also endorse as many entities and organizations that support these same issues.

IN THE SEA productions was born from a desire to continue the message that Mexican Champion surfer, Walter Caloca, left to the world before passing away during the summer of 2010. His message was dedicated to the preservation of surfing coastlines and the marine environment as a whole. He was physically involved in beach clean‐ups, a supporter of all beach protection movements and he taught kids to surf and find interest in the water sport.

Our first production is ‟In The Sea You’ll Find Me” an eco-surfing documentary about the healing power of the Ocean.
For more information on this project please go to: https://newwebsite.facebook.com/intheseaproductions?fref=ts