bnd got a collaboration with Amovens. They offer Peer-to-Peer car rental.
Save money renting a car between members or local people.

-If you have a car in Mallorca you can share it with people and get paid.
-Or maybe you want to rent one, and this way will be cheaper!

How does peer-to-peer car rental work?

Amovens allows you to rent private cars. If you’re a car owner, you can list your car and rent it out to other members.
1Owners list their car for rental
Owner selects the rental price and car availabilit y. Add photos and make the car profile unique.

2- Renters book and pay for your car online
Owner confirms the booking and the renter receive exact address and pickup instructions.

3- Keys are exchanged and rental sheet is checked
Renters driving license is checked along with vehicle condition. The rental sheet is checked by both parties.

4- Car is returned after use
Renters refill the tank and return the car. Owner and renter can then recommend each other.

Car rental at half price

Peer-to-peer car rental is cheaper (and more fun) than traditional car rental and car-sharing groups.
For car owners
Your car costs money when idle.
Rent it out and earn up to € 3.000 each year. Insurance is included and you choose who’s renting your car.
For renters
Choose between all types of cars owned by real people near you.
No setup fee or ongoing subscription. You only pay when you rent a car.
Safety and insurance
All rentals include insurance so that your existing insurance is not affected if an accident should happen.
We have a safe community with rating system and extended member profiles.

Any questions? Just ask, or visit Amovens website: