bedndesk is all about the story of how Matias became a digital nomad by mistake. In 2011, and after a year working in Australia, Matias decided he wanted to go back to Mallorca.

He liked the job and opportunities Australia could offer, but wanted to change location and return home. The company offered him to try to keep working while he was back in his island, and so he did.

Being alone in the office was not that fun, and therefore Matias decided to look for a shared space, and lived his first co-working experience, which contributed in inspirational, cultural and ideas exchange, also enriching his personal life.

He continued working remotely, based in Mallorca, but at some point he realized he could work from anywhere in the world, not only from home.

When in 2012 Matias had to visit his headquarters office in Australia, he decided to get there step by step, visiting friends, relatives, places and landmarks on the way to his destination; and to return back home travelling in the other direction, completing his first round the world trip. He visited London, Dubai, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California and even a cross country trip to Miami ending in New York. All of this route he managed to do it while working, always connected, from Starbucks to Starbucks and needing to settle in each spot; using friends’ homes and contacts and even requesting the university of Hawaii an office for a couple of weeks (which they granted).

Having launched a startup project in 2013, in December 2014 Matias needed a break, but did not have enough time for vacation. A word came to his mind… WORKATIONS! He decided to spend some time in San Francisco and discovered an option of a space called Startup Basecamp, where he could work and live, inspirational, indeed.

December 22nd 2014, while talking to his sister, a successful Building Engineer with years of experience in creating spaces, the option of using a recently closed familiar business came forward. They decided to start bedndesk, Matias left his apartment and his office to fully commit to the project of creating his own co-working/co-living spaces, with the goal of providing a network of oasis for other digital nomads.

The project has already kicked off, the first bedndesk, bnd marineta is currently undergoing refurbishment procedures, and will be launched by the end of April 2015.