Time flies and even more when you are having fun. I can’t believe It’s been 2 years since we first opened bedndesk. 730 days of bedndesk and keep counting! I have meet people from 28 different nationalities and even you from another planet! I am so happy that you came, and glad that you will come if you haven’t yet. Thank you very much for those who came this 2 years. I still remember all of you, yeps even you 😉. You will be always welcome, miss you so much! You will be always on the wall of fame, it is getting smaller an smaller.

This year, we learn that the week should start on Monday with a Gelato and end with a beer and sunset on Friday. We also learn that you can be happy for who comes and sad for who leaves at the same time, just make a FareWelcome party. Never say bye, always say see you soon. We had people coming from everywhere and by different means, even people coming with a co-working boat or trying to leave on a boat!

Cheers! for another year with the same spirit, come soon we are waiting for you, we don’t know who will be here when you arrive but, Trust me, you will get a history to tell after bedndesk.

Will be great if you guys, the ones who came share one of your bedndesk moments in our Facebook page so the undecided move their ass and come to Mallorca!

Next June 15th is the celebration! Check our event, BBQ at the beach!

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