We are close to our birthday! Yeps 1 year already yay! 21 days left for the event. Today we will explain why we are cheaper for 21 Days or more. You probably noticed that or prices go down on the coliving if you stay >20 Days. The doble room goes from 70€ to 60€ per day. The single room from 50€ to 40€. The shared (2 persons) from 40€ to 35€.

Why 21?

First it could be that we like the number 21. Another reason could be the theory of Doctor Dunca MacDougall who sought to measure the mass lost by a human when the soul departed the body and yes, it was 21 grams, there is a good movie around this .

The reason why we choose 21 is that we believe:

 If you do something more than 21 days and it will become an habit.

We know, maybe is a missinterpretation of  Dr. Maxwell Maltz as pointed out in this forbes article.  Who cares! We believe what we want. What is for sure is that if you spend more than 21 days at bedndesk, even just one day, you will like to repeat the experience again.

21 Days at bedndesk to create an habit (maybe and addict?)

We want you to feel like at home in bedndesk our coworking-coliving in Mallorca. From day 1 you will feel part of the place with your office, your house, you mates… In 21 days you will create the habit of being independent location worker. You will never go back to see things the same way as before. Maybe you are used to travel and work but bedndesk is a different experience…

Make the workations a new part of your way of living.

As we like to say why work from home when you can work from Mallorca? Do it at bedndesk! You will be even more productive. Start your new habit of workations, this is the starting point check it and see were it takes you.